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Pear laminate flooring

Pear laminate – looks deceptively like real peartree wood

The uniform wood of the pear tree has a pale yellow, grey-brown to a light red-brown colouring. The plain structure of pear wood comes from a uniform and fine grain, which occasionally appears in a mottled form. So pear laminate forms a calm basis for the room to be designed.

A pear tree in the living room or office – pear laminate

Are you going for a natural look in your home or office space? Then peartree laminate is just what you need. Peartree wood is a simple type of wood that creates a pleasant atmosphere in no time at all. No matter what style you are planning for your room, peartree will accentuate it with its reserved look. Find out more about peartree laminate here – because it not only looks beautiful, it also offers a lot of advantages!

Laminate floors with peartree decor

Easy to maintain, robust and allergy-friendly: pear laminate is all that and more!

Pear laminate combines numerous advantages that are ideal for day-to-day. Stains on the floor? Laminate is easy to maintain, with household chemicals no problem either. Allergy sufferer in the family? Laminate flooring is ideally suited for this, because the smooth surface leaves no chance for micro-organisms to breed or settle. Laminate is also natural, consisting of up to 90% real wood. And best of all: you don't need a craftsman to lay laminate, because it's child's play to do it yourself!

Realise your desired furnishing style with pear laminate

There are many furnishing styles. And many of them can be ideally combined with pear laminate! Do you like a more classic style? The slightly reddish floor emphasises the classic look of a room even more. Do you love the French interior style?

Pear laminate is a perfect match for that, too, because the playful and sweeping elements of the style go perfectly with the calmness of the floor. And pear laminate also contributes to the country house style – the light colours of the floor correspond exactly to the elements of the style.

Choose pear laminate – and also use our shopping planner: it creates your very own individual shopping list quickly and easily.