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Lively laminate in beech

A light-coloured floor –buy beech laminate from LOGOCLIC®

Make your home or your office a little cosier: lay beech laminate from LOGOCLIC®! The light-coloured floor gives the room a fresh and natural look. From the selection of different decors, you are sure to find the right beech laminate flooring for your home.

Characteristic wood look with beech laminate

A characteristic feature of beech wood is its light, slightly pinkish-brown colouring, which appears slightly yellowish when exposed to special light. Beech wood has a ray-shaped grain that is often tongue-shaped. Beech laminate is confusingly similar to real wood flooring, both in appearance and feel. The surface texture feels like real wood and even when walking you hardly notice any difference.

Laminate flooring with beech decor: 

Beech laminate – the modern look for your living space

The light colouring of beech laminate gives your room a fresh look. With this decor, you can create a modern ambience that harmonises perfectly with different living styles. Do you like the vintage look? Or prefer simple and elegant? Or a little more playful? No matter what style of furnishing you have in mind for the room you are designing, beech laminate provides an ideal basis.

Beech laminate has many advantages

LOGOCLIC® laminate offers you many advantages. Unlike parquet, laminate flooring is abrasion-, impact- and scratch-resistant, easy to maintain and clean, does not fade in the light, is antistatic and suitable for allergy sufferers. So if you are looking for a practical and beautiful floor covering, you’re doing everything right with beech laminate.

Have you decided on beech laminate? Then take a look a the LOGOCLIC® product lines and choose the suitable beech laminate you want.