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Elegant laminate in red brown

Red-brown laminate for cosiness in the room

Would you like to transform your home into a cosy oasis of well-being that radiates comforting warmth? Are you looking for the right floor covering for this? Then LOGOCLIC® is the right place for you. Because here you will find a large selection of floor coverings for every taste. Red-brown laminate is just right to fulfil your wishes. Because the dark shades of reddish brown convey a feeling of cosiness. In combination with lots of fabric, matching furniture and stylish accessories, nothing stands in the way of the room of your dreams. Find out here about reddish brown laminate from LOGOCLIC®.

Red brown laminate floors:

Get cosy with laminate in reddish brown

Reddish brown is one of the warm colours. It conveys cosiness and brings a touch of warmth to your living room or office. However, you should be careful with red-brown laminate in small rooms with poor lighting conditions, because dark floors make a room look smaller. Red-brown laminate is therefore ideal for spacious rooms flooded with light. With laminate in reddish brown, you can also give large office spaces a cosy atmosphere.

From rustic to elegant: stylish furnishing with red-brown laminate

You can realise different styles with laminate in reddish brown. It is ideal for the colonial style. In combination with furniture in dark wood and an antique look, you are on the right track. If you want it to be more modern, emphasise the dark floor by opting for light and plain furniture. You can also achieve a rustic country house style easily and quickly with laminate in reddish brown.

Dust on red-brown laminate? No problem!

Dust can be seen quickly on dark floors, they say. But with red brown laminate from LOGOCLIC® you have a decisive advantage: you can simply vacuum the dust away. You can remove coarser stains in no time at all with a damp cloth. Allergy sufferers are also on the right track with red-brown laminate. The smooth surface prevents micro-organisms from breeding or settling. And you don't have to worry about colour intensity either. Because laminate from LOGOCLIC® is light-fast. Sunlight will not change the appearance of laminate in reddish brown. You get these and many other advantages when you choose red-brown laminate from LOGOCLIC®.

Can’t make up your mind? Here you can get an overview of red brown laminate from the various product lines. From oak to walnut to chestnut: you’re spoilt for choice! Visit your local BAUHAUS and check the look and feel of the high-quality floors close-up for yourself, and buy reddish brown laminate at an affordable price.