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For the love of the environment

Laminate by LOGOCLIC®

Decide in favour of the environmentally friendly laminate floors from LOGOCLIC®

renewable wood

LOGOCLIC® laminate floors are made from around 90 percent renewable wood.

innovative technology

In addition, we use mainly residual wood from forest maintenance work is used in the laminate production process.

natur is role model

In the development of LOGOCLIC® products nature is our role model: it wastes nothing.

PEFCTÜV ProfiBlue angelPro Planet

LOGOCLIC® laminate floors combine quality of life with ecology and economy

LOGOCLIC® laminate floors are extremely robust, scratch-resistant and very durable. This saves resources. Allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to LOGOCLIC® laminate: the sealed floor surface does not offer allergenic micro-organisms a basis for feeding and reproduction.

Laminate for life

Security, warmth, safety – wood fulfils basic needs and has been with us since time immemorial. Hardly any other material is as natural and comfortable as wood. Oak, beech, spruce and other woods can show their full diversity, especially when used as flooring. Robust or elegant – wood takes on many forms at LOGOCLIC® and adapts to your living dreams.

LOGOCLIC® laminate floors: all PEFC-certified!

Choose environmentally friendly, PEFC-certified laminate floors from LOGOCLIC®.

PEFC is a transparent and independent system for ensuring sustainable forest management and thus a worldwide “forest MOT”. Since 01.01.2013, all LOGOCLIC® laminate floors have been PEFC-certified. The certification applies to the entire product manufacturing process. That means from the raw material to the ready-to-use end product. This is checked at regular intervals by independent experts.