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Maple laminate flooring

A subtle floor covering – find out about maple laminate

Laminate in a maple look is ideal for those looking for a calm and simple floor covering which is robust and easy to maintain at the same time. At LOGOCLIC® there are various product lines available which all contain maple laminate. Take a look at our range, find out about the maple wood look for laminate flooring, choose the right maple laminate and find a BAUHAUS near you where you can buy the selected maple laminate. No matter whether you want to upgrade your bedroom, the basement or entrance area.

Maple is one of the lightest coloured types of wood

Maple, in particular sycamore maple, is one of the lightest coloured types of domestic wood. The colouring ranges from almost white to a light brown colouring to reddish grey, with a yellowish-white colour visible in sycamore maple. The grain of maple is very subtle, with faint light brown lines adorning the surface. Maple laminate comes very close to the look of real wood, but is much more robust than real wood flooring.

Maple laminate – the advantages of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring, including maple laminate, has practical properties: 

easy to maintain

Stains on laminate are no problem – just wipe them away with a damp cloth. Dust can be vacuumed off easily. And the floor also stands up to household chemicals.

flame retardant

Burn marks are particularly unsightly on light-coloured laminate such as maple laminate. LOGOCLIC® laminate is flame retardant and no burn marks are formed.



LOGOCLIC® laminate floors do not discolour when exposed to sunlight.


Laminate is extremely robust and impact-, scratch- and abrasion-resistant.

suitable for allergy sufferers

The closed surface does not offer micro-organisms a basis for feeding and breeding.


the natural look and feel of the laminate flooring will give your living space a pleasant atmosphere.

A quiet decor for your home – simple maple laminate

In contrast to chestnut or walnut decors, maple laminate impresses with its reduced grain. This wood look is simple yet modern, and makes the floor a highlight both at home and in the office. Create an atmosphere of well-being in your own home – decide in favour of maple laminate!

The product lines Family and Ambienta offer the maple laminate decor – get a closer look before you buy.