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Elegant laminate in chestnut

Down-to-earth design with chestnut laminate

You will often find them in beer gardens, where they provide cool shade on hot days: chestnut trees. The mighty trees are not only beautiful, they are a source of extremely decorative wood. This is used as the template for chestnut laminate.

Similar to oak: chestnut laminate

Chestnut wood is similar to the wood of the oak tree. The wood lines are easily recognisable and have an even structure. The growth rings are also clearly visible. Chestnut wood is available in various brown and grey shades which can range from somewhat lighter to very dark. Chestnut laminate often has a rustic appearance, such as with Chestnut Toro or Alba from the LOGOCLIC® product line Vinto 192/10.

The floor covering impresses with many advantages, and the look of chestnut laminate is very close to real-wood floor. If you are looking for a rustic, very natural looking and quite robust floor, decide in favour of chestnut laminate.

From simple to rustic: create your living style with chestnut laminate

As already mentioned, chestnut flooring is like oak. Nevertheless, chestnut is a somewhat special type of wood: its rustic appearance conjures a down-to-earth and somewhat quaint atmosphere in the room. Yet you can still combine chestnut laminate with simple elements to give your home a peaceful atmosphere. 

It’s best matched to rustic furnishings, however: combined with other earth shades, natural elements and coarse wood a room laid out with chestnut laminate will be a real eye-catcher.

The beneficial properties of laminate

Laminate is a floor covering that can withstand the strain of every day without any problems. It is easy to maintain and household cleaners cannot harm the floor. In addition, it is extremely robust and resistant to abrasion, impact and scratches. An integrated antistatic system prevents annoying discharge. For allergy sufferers, laminate, including chestnut laminate, is a popular floor covering since micro-organisms cannot find a basis to feed and breed on the smooth surface.

Make your home more beautiful with chestnut laminate. Take a look at the product lines from LOGOCLIC®®®!