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Laminate in stone look

Instead of tiles, simply laminate in stone look

Choose the practical floor covering laminate – also available in stone look! Tiles usually create a cool effect. If you like this look but are looking for a warmer floor covering that conveys more cosiness than real tiles, you'll be spot on with stone laminate! The many advantages of laminate combined with its deceptively real look make it the ideal flooring for bedrooms or office spaces. 

Laminate stone look – the tile look is deceptively real

Even if no real tiles are laid, you can hardly tell the difference from laminate stone look. The panels look like real stone tiles, and the lifelike grouting further enhances this effect. Whether slate flooring, natural stone flooring or tile look – at LOGOCLIC® you can expect various decors of laminate stone look.

Better than tiles – benefits of laminate stone look

Tiles look cool, without underfloor heating they feel cold, and they are also considerably more expensive than laminate flooring. If you have rooms with underfloor heating, you can use laminate for underfloor heating. If, for example, a pan or a glass falls onto a tiled floor, both the fallen object and the tiled floor may be damaged. With laminate, the risk is much lower: laminate gives slightly, so the object that falls on the floor often remains intact. In addition, laminate in stone look is extremely robust and resistant to abrasion, impact and scratches. And laminate in stone look is always more affordable than real tiles!

Laminate in stone look is the floor covering you were looking for? Then take a look at the laminate properties, choose from our comprehensive range and select the stone laminate that best meets your requirements.