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Ceiling laminate

Laminate for ceilings improves the ambience of a room

Does your flat or house have high ceilings? The walls are very thin, you can more or less hear every sound your neighbours make? Then put laminate on your ceiling or walls. With its sound-insulating function, you can put an end to the brightness in your four walls and the heat-insulating function ensures pleasant temperatures in the room. Choose one of the attractive decors of ceiling laminate and upgrade your home with it!

Laminate panels for ceilings:

Laminate for ceilings exactly to your taste!

Laminate not only cuts a fine figure on the floor, it also looks extremely decorative on the ceiling. You can get ceiling laminate from LOGOCLIC® in a wide variety of designs: from light to dark real wood look, panels in pure white, with coloured marbling or provided with delicate lines. Depending on the style you want to achieve, you can find the right LOGOCLIC® laminate for the ceiling at your local BAUHAUS.

Laminate for the ceiling makes large rooms cosy

Panels are particularly suitable for large rooms with higher ceilings. Because they immediately turn a large room with a cool appearance into a cosy room in which you feel completely at ease. You should be careful in small rooms with low ceilings: Because laminate for the ceiling makes the room look smaller. When it comes to the colour scheme, you should also bear in mind that dark colours visually make the room look smaller, while light shades give a more spacious impression.

Take a look at the different decors of laminate for ceilings. Have you found what you are looking for? Then find a BAUHAUS near you. You can buy ceiling laminate directly there.