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Clickguard™ joint sealant

125 ml
for 10 m2
protects all glueless laying systems (laminate flooring)

125 ml / 110 g

for 10m2


Residues should be removed completely using glue remover, a scratch-free pad or clear warm water. When using Clickguard™, work according to the instructions for use.  


The newly developed LOGOCLIC® joint sealant Clickguard protects all glueless laying systems (laminate flooring) permanently against moisture. Everything that everyday life demands of your Click laminate, Clickguard™ effortlessly copes with. Moisture can no longer harm your floor. The joint sealant is applied when the floor covering is laid. A floor that is suitable for re-installation can be laid again at any time despite Clickguard. Very quickly and very easily, without damaging the profiles, because Clickguard does not stick.